Can you really get a high-end connected watch at a low price? You will be amazed at how affordable this smartwatch is…

By Stéphane Leclerc | December 2019

A new European start-up has just launched an intelligent watch called xWATCH This flagship model will give the major manufacturers of connected watches some trouble. With thousands of customers already convinced, the xWATCH is the first new generation watch that costs three times less than the competition. xWATCH is there to satisfy the most demanding connected watch users.

It is widely sold worldwide. We are studying why this little-known connected watch is so popular!

Everyone knows that the major technology brands are scamming us. They change very little each year, and yet their watches seem to be getting more and more expensive… Can we obtain a connected watch of superior quality, without paying extravagant prices? We are trying to understand why everyone chooses this new smart watch, rather than overpriced models like the Apple Watch, for example.

What is it?

It is nicknamed xWATCH. Many people have already adopted it. No wonder it looks so much like the Apple Watch, without the excessive price of course!

xWATCH is sold by a European company (France and Germany). It is manufactured in the same Chinese factories as many other major brands – its manufacturing quality is equivalent to the leading connected watches of the biggest companies such as Apple, Samsung and Fitbit.
They used the best components, technology and software from the most expensive models. You can really feel the high-end avant-gardism of the model xWATCH The watch works very quickly and smoothly ! The Android operating system is completely optimized and you will not notice any delays.

Why is xWATCH so popular?

We think it’s because xWATCH focused on the most important things :

  • ✅ Smart watch AND fitness tracker in an elegant design.
  • ✅ High quality, easy-to-read display, regardless of lighting.
  • ✅ Accurate monitoring of your heart rate and rhythm.
  • ✅ Water-resistant, menstrual cycle monitoring and sleep monitor.
  • ✅ Activity rings monitor your progress and encourage you to sit less and move more.
  • ✅ Personal voice assistant, receive and make calls, schedule appointments, etc.

For most of us, these are the most important characteristics. They have made sure that you can always be up to date and safe!

La xWATCH integrates mobile phone support so that elderly people can easily get help from anywhere using cellular technology. Some of the features of the model xWATCH include advanced position tracking through GPS and Wi-Fi positioning, reminders and alerts for drugs and other important tasks and events, a weather forecast application!

What are the other key characteristics?

The xWATCH is filled with useful functions found in other branded smart watches :

  • ✅ The Bluetooth 4.0 protocol maintains a constant connection to help its owner quickly find the phone alarm.
  • Cardiac sensors designed to allow people with heart problems or anxiety to know when they need to relax.
  • Size : 44 * 38 * 10.7 mm – Weight: 50 g

What does our editorial team think?

Fantastic construction quality. I can choose from many watch dials. A versatile product for everything most of us will need.

I really like the durability of the battery. I’m tired of running around looking for charging points at lunchtime with my connected watch that requires a lot of energy… The xWATCH is a serious competitor.

Very comfortable watch, durable battery and beautiful design! I’m going to swim with it every day, and it works perfectly! I was amazed at the price – xWATCH must be the deal of the century.

How much does the xWATCH ?

We have calculated that the cost of the xWATCH is between 300€ and 500€. The average office assumption was 400€.
Unbelievable! The xWATCH only costs 99 €…. (with a 50% promotion at the time of writing) !
This is a crazy price when you consider how similar this watch is to the latest Fitbit and Apple watches – and these models are much more expensive!

How can it be so affordable? ?

La xWATCH spends nothing on advertising. The brand prefers to let their devices and positive critics speak for them! Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung spend billions on advertising. These huge costs are added to the price of their watches (sometimes up to 50%) and are paid by us, the customers….

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Conclusion: should you have it?

The quality is top of the range. It is equivalent to an expensive smart watch of 500€. It works quickly and perfectly. Finally, the promotional price is incredible for a device of such quality. In the end, it is recommended that you take one before it is too late!

La xWATCH is similar to the biggest brands, but its price is paltry!

It’s easy, for the moment you can buy the xWATCH 50% cheaper at the launch price :

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